Virtual Private Network

Your company needs a dependable, private network that doesn't overlap with client interactions. You need security and efficiency, but at a price that keeps you within your budget and provides more value for your investment. We have options for your business, no matter your size, and they are also customizable to your needs. Critical Hub Networks' options for your business are secure, stable, and adaptable. Read on to find out if we have what you need.

Virtual Private Line
You need a good network that can transport your telecommunications service, but it has to be secure, reliable, and adaptable. Available for insular or international networking, Critical Hub Networks' Virtual Private Line service is a safe, optimal choice that can be fully customized to your current and future needs.

Virtual Routing and Forwarding
Perhaps your services are all tended to by different telecommunication service providers. Wouldn't it be easier to have them all managed by just one? Be trusting your applications to one provider, you simplify and improve your performance without any major upgrades. This guarantees that essential applications are online and functioning at the best of their abilities.

Virtual Private LAN
Communication and productivity go hand in hand. Without effective communication between employees, it is hard to achieve project goals and continue to grow. Our Virtual Private LAN is completely customizable to your business needs. Distance is also irrelevant, as we can meet your needs anywhere across the island and beyond.


Critical Hub Networks is ready to provide the network you need. Safe, secure, and guaranteed personalization are waiting for you. Contact us to learn more. Our expert personnel are waiting!


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