Private Lines

In business, speed, availability, reliability, and security are essential. Without these, companies, big or small cannot run efficiently. Critical Hub Network's insular private line services promise all of the above, with more value for your investment when you choose our services.

Our MPLS based private line service has multiple path transport and guaranteed immediate reestablishment in case of an outage. Critical Hub Networks has 3,901 miles of long-haul fiber and more than 362 stranded miles of local fiber that allow you to connect wherever. All your locations will be connected to each other safely and securely, with enough paths and bandwidth to deliver your information.


Whether it is highly confidential company information, time-sensitive data, or streaming a video conference to a company, Critical Hub Networks services will ensure secure delivery at lighting fast speeds. Contact us to learn out which Private Line Service package is the best one for you. Our fully customizable options are waiting for you.

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