You want to take the next step and revamp your infrastructure or telecommunications set-up. Maybe you do not have the space, budget, or personnel to do so. Our personnel are ready to work for you. Critical Hub Networks is here to help. Our Outsourcing option allows you to expand and improve, but takes out the headaches of managing and developing this project.

What would you like us to do? Whether it is running your project from start to finish or managing your applications, we are equipped to handle what your company wants. Our Outsourcing plans are fully customizable, letting you pick and choose exactly what you want us to work on.


Some of our outsourcing packages include:


Managed Router
Do you want to improve your network, but something is stopping you? Be it time, cost, or staff, your solution lies at Critical Hub Networks. Our Managed Router service is a cost-effective solution that will improve your network's performance while giving you value for your investment and allowing your staff to work on other assignments. We provide 24/7 emergency response, full package customization, and a Project Management option. If you choose Critical Hub Networks to manage all aspects of your network, consider the ease of only consulting one entity for updates on your router.


Managed Security

Nowadays, businesses need the internet. If they do not have a solid telecommunications plan, they will fall behind. People like accessibility, being able to do transactions via laptop or smartphone. However, it is understandable that companies worry about their online security. Your concerns are understandable and Critical Hub Networks is here to protect your company's online presence. Our Managed Security Service options include firewalls, e-mail, spam, and virus protection among others.


Managed WAN
Your company has enough things to worry about. Why not delegate some of them? With a guaranteed value for your investment, Critical Hub Networks' Wide Area Network Management service promises improved performance, 24/7 monitoring and emergency response. With our fully managed WAN services, you gain efficiency, savings, and our dedicated personnel in addition to many other advantages.


There are many other Outsourcing options for you at Critical Hub Networks. Let us help you grow and attain your business' goals. We are here to help. Contact us to learn more about other options, customizable packages, and pricing.


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