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About Óptico


Welcome to OPTICO – the next generation of broadband.

OPTICO is a Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) data service, which allows you to connect to a variety of services over this single connection. OPTICO currently includes both broadband Internet and telephone services with its OPTICO product.

If you have heard someone tell you that its “faster than the speed of light”, with OPTICO it’s nearly a reality. OPTICO’s network is entirely composed of Fiber Optic Cables, which are made of strands of glass thinner than a human hair. OPTICO’s network transmits your broadband data as laser-generated pulses of light – so your data actually travels at the speed of light!

Using Fiber, OPTICO can provide virtually unlimited bandwidth. You will be able to enjoy blazing fast Internet, telephone services, and access to Video content for all the members in your house over a single connection. In fact, Fiber is called “future-proof” because it will allow us to upgrade and support the next generation data applications over the same cable entering your home.

OPTICO is true Fiber to the Home.

While other providers offer a “Fiber to the neighborhood” or “Fiber to the Curb” service - where only part of your broadband service travels over fiber - Critical Hub’s OPTICO service is 100% Fiber – all the way to your home.

The Future is Fiber
It’s no doubt that the future is fiber. The experts agree - fiber is the only technology with enough bandwidth to handle future demands over the next decade.

Get ready to experience OPTICO. Call 787-728-9000 for more information and to subscribe today.


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