Caribe.Net Netspeed

Internet services are not just for industries. Homes need a web connection as well. Keeping in touch with family, helping students with research, or just staying informed with the news, Internet is a necessity in our professional and personal lives. Read on to know more about the options Critical Hub Networks has for your home web connection.


Caribe.Net's new broadband Internet service, Netspeed is now available with speeds up to 8 Mbps! And with prices starting at $39.95 per month, your Internet won't break your budget!

The Netspeed service requires the purchase of the antenna and modem at $89.95 plus state tax. Our Standard Installation cost is $45.00.
Special installations may be subject to additional fees. See Terms and Conditions for complete service specifications and details.

Coverage Areas

Netspeed is not available in all areas, and not all speeds are available in all coverage zones. Please contact a sales representative at or call 787-728-9797 to verify if your location is in our coverage area.


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