Internet Service Providers

Critical Hub Networks has all the telecommunications solutions you need ready for you in one safe location. Our disaster ready data center is prepared with the finest technology to keep all your information secure and online, thus ensuring your company's mission-critical data and applications.

Our vast experience as the first ISP in the Island will also be at your service for orientation, installation of infrastructure, and teamwork. Browse our services below and see how Critical Hub Networks can help you. All services are fully adaptable to your needs.



In addition to all the services listed above, there are other perks to joining the Critical Hub Networks' family. By connecting with us, you enjoy the benefits of the Puerto Rico Bridge Initiative project.

The Puerto Rico Bridge Initiative is a federally funded project that seeks to provide fast, affordable broadband Internet for all. Everyone benefits from the PRBI's project scope. Consumers have easily accessible and speedy Internet, while you enjoy the advantages of local and international peering and transport.

Local and International Peering
By housing the Puerto Rico Bridge Initiative project, Critical Hub Networks is a neutral meeting point where providers can connect and freely exchange information. With local peering, the use of outside resources for local traffic is unnecessary, and you would produce a multilevel positive chain reaction.

With peering, you benefit from:
• Greater bandwidth capacity between providers
• Reduced costs thanks to less traffic leaving Puerto Rico
• Heightened network security
• Protect local connectivity from interruptions
• Direct access to content providers

Those are just some of the benefits of local peering. International peering is also available when you join Critical Hub Networks' and connect to our data center. Besides local network interconnectivity, Critical Hub Networks also establishes connections with network & content providers at the NAP of the Americas. This will result in the elimination of transit costs, reduced latency, improved speed, and more robust network routing scheme

This will:

• Reduce latency
• Improve speed
• Reduce costs
• Boost local businesses

These are just several of the advantages that international peering can provide.

When joining Critical Hub Networks, you also have access to transport options. Thanks to the Puerto Rico Bridge Initiative project, your data can travel speedily and reliably with our transport services. Our infrastructure will facilitate cost reductions in access to Layer 2 transport services between the Puerto Rico and the NAP of the Americas. For more information, visit the Puerto Rico Bridge Initiative webpage or contact the Project Manager. We will gladly let you know about our options and welcome you in our offices.

Let us fill you in on all the alternatives we have for your company. Improved service and product cost efficiency are just some of the benefits of joining Critical Hub Networks. Our company is tailored and designed with Puerto Rico's market in mind, but with a global reach. Review our options and request a quote. Let us give you more value for your investment while you expand your infrastructure and coverage in a secure, reliable, and customizable manner. Join Critical Hub Networks today.


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