Internet Services

In today's fast paced world, you need every advantage. Fast, reliable, and secure Internet service is a must to ensure your company's connection to the business world. You need to reach out to your clients and keep mission-critical applications online, all the time. Critical Hub Networks understands and offers you a variety of customizable options to keep your company connected, no matter your business type or size.


Point to Point
By itself or bundled with other Critical Hub Networks options, Point to Point or P2P gives you all the essential Internet elements. P2P can be fully customized to your needs, and it guarantees security, reliability, and reach.

Need more than what our Dedicated Service offers? Broadband is your best bet. With higher bandwidth and excellent speed, our Broadband option is also fully adaptable to your requirements. There's always room for you to grow at Critical Hub Networks, and Broadband is one of the many ways you can take that step. If you're interested in Broadband, the service is available through Critical Hub Networks' The Puerto Rico Bridge Initiative project. Visit their site to learn more.

Benefits & Details

Speeds from DS-1 to 10GB guarantee fast connection and

By running our own server, we can offer you 24/7
monitoring, management, and emergency response.

Our server infrastructure provides room to grow at a
manageable cost that gives you more value for your

Your mission-critical applications will be online thanks to our
IP infrastructure.

Our eyes are on you: we make sure your data makes it speedily and securely to its destination, whatever it may be. We are also here to make sure that problems are solved quickly so your service isn't affected.

The most connected insular provider, Critical Hub Networks has a proven track record of dependability and quality service. We will allow you to connect anywhere on the island and the world.Create a secure and reliable Internet environment for your employees and customers. Contact Critical Hub Networks today and learn more about our Internet services.



  Puerto Rico Bridge Initiative