Integrated Solutions

If you need multiple services, Critical Hub Networks has the suite for you. Providing more value for your investment, the option of merging all your telecommunications needs to one circuit makes sense. Consolidating your services with us offers you a plethora of easily customizable options at prices that give you more value for your investment.

Benefits and Details
We have what you need. You will receive guaranteed security and uptime, thanks to our supplementary power procedures and extensive monitoring. You will also receive 24/7 emergency response. Additionally, you will receive the following when you choose our Integrated Solutions services:

  • Customization available for all services.
  • Savings thanks to merging your Critical Hub Network service options into one package.
  • Transit over 7 island fiber backbones and additional undersea fiber backbones.
  • All the benefits of a new infrastructure without incurring in the cost and installation of it.
  • Speedy and secure telecommunications services with a multitude of features.
  • Less worries: all of your telecommunication needs are met at one spot, freeing you up to pursue other company ventures.
  • Secure access for your customers and employees, all the while keeping their operations separate.
  • Safe infrastructure with strict security measures and back-up plans.


Critical Hub Networks is the oldest telecommunications company in Puerto Rico. We pride ourselves on being pioneers and helping companies achieve their potential. Contact us today to learn more about our Integrated Solutions services, which can always be merged with Project Management options as well.




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