Insular Connections

As the island's most connected provider, Critical Hub Networks seeks to guarantee internet access to all. We recognize that Puerto Rico has a unique geographical position: an island that depends on outside technological resources and has somewhat difficult terrain. Critical Hub Networks wants to change all that. With a direct connection to the NAP of the Americas, we seek to give you faster, more reliable Internet that doesn't have to depend on outside resources.

We are constantly expanding our insular connectivity. We are working towards connecting every area of the island. Soon we will be able to provide Internet to 13 additional unserved and underserved Puerto Rican municipalities. So it doesn't matter if you are in urban or rural areas, we can still reach you. Your business will be connected to a fast, booming network that will not only foster your business, but help economies in unserved and underserved areas grow. A mutual economic and cultural growth comes with the expansion of internet accessibility.


If you are not in the metropolitan area, worry not. You can still connect with Critical Hub Networks, its cloud, and the NAP of the Americas with network towers. We have cross-connect availability so you don't have to lay fiber all the way to us. Contact us for more information on the connection process and arrangements.


What are you waiting for? Be part of the Critical Hub Networks family today. Contact us for more information on our coverage and rates.




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