Ethernet Dedicated Internet

Speed. Symmetrical. Simple Plug and Play. Efficient.

Critical Hub's EDI services keep you working, not waiting.

Across industries, geographies and companies of all sizes, the push is to raise the reach, reliability and quality of broadband access to the Internet. Users want instant connectivity, faster downloads, secure and dependable access from anywhere. Businesses want easy deployments and robust performance now, with scalable bandwidth and global expansion capabilities for the future. Critical Hub's Ethernet Dedicated Internet services are the solution. EDI was designed to help your business reduce costs, boost productivity and increase worker efficiency. Our carrier-class network is robust and reliable for dependable Internet access and connectivity including high bandwidth, high-speed Ethernet Internet. As your business enterprise grows, so does your dependency on the Internet for access to real-time business applications, not to mention a demand for faster and more efficient connectivity.

Critical Hub's Ethernet Dedicated Internet provides the fastest Internet connectivity available. Services are available at speeds up to 10Gbps.

Why Ethernet?

Speed. Ethernet access boosts connection speeds to as much as 10 Gbps. That can be hundreds of times faster than cable modems and tens of thousands of times faster than dial-up modems. As a dedicated access solution, you can work without worrying about Internet traffic jams or the dramatic bandwidth drops that can occur with a shared cable connection.

Symmetrical. Ethernet access offers the same high speeds for uploads as for downloads. So, you can do more than just surf the net and download files, you can move large data volumes back and forth quickly to work without waiting. You can also serve up bandwidth-intensive business applications, such as telepresence or telemedicine solutions, to multiple locations from your data center.

Manage Bandwidth. Monitor and manage your Ethernet bandwidth the same way you manage your other Ethernet-based networks.

Transition From T1. A T1 is a two-point, dedicated, high capacity, digital service provided on terrestrial digital facilities capable of transmitting 1.544 Mbps. If you currently have T1 Internet connections, you know how hard it can be to manage the multiple lines you need to deliver voice and data services. It can also be time consuming and costly to expand bandwidth as you grow. New equipment and higher speed circuits are required, which may take days or even weeks to implement. Further, your growth can be limited by the ceiling of a T1 connection.

Voice & Data Combined. Many businesses today are transitioning to Ethernet solutions so they can eliminate the costs & overhead of operating two separate networks – your phone network and your data network. By combining voice and data on the same network, Ethernet can help lower the cost of delivering those services while providing the scalable, elastic bandwidth you need as business requirements change.


Be at the center of it all. Be at the edge of the cloud. Only Critical Hub offers you the most options and flexibility for your network connectivity.


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